7 February - 20 March 2023

Zeit Contemporary Art is pleased to present Gestures, an online viewing room on view through March 20th, 2023. Bringing together the work of five artists, this presentation looks into the strong impulse for gestures and mark-making that defined the second half of the 20th century and expands into contemporary art. 

The idea of gesture, traditionally understood as a bodily movement to show a particular meaning, entered into the realm of post-war abstraction opening a pictorial space full of expressive and perceptive possibilities. Sometimes evocative of the emotional and subjective world of the artist and others as a rebellious act, the use of paint and other materials as the index of the presence of the artist's body results in visual investigations that more than aiming to project a particular meaning seek to transform our experience as viewers in front of the work of art. 

The works of John ChamberlainSam GilliamAntoni TàpiesRoy Lichtenstein and Nelo Vinuesa offer a unique glimpse into this crucial compositional aspect that has become synonymous of painting in Western art.