Zeit Contemporary Art presents an online exhibition devoted to the work of Eduardo Chillida

Artdaily, September 27, 2019

 Zeit Contemporary Art is presenting an online exhibition devoted to the role of paper in the work of Eduardo Chillida as a medium for his prints and drawings as well as an innovative material for his sculptures.

A well-known master of post-war sculpture, Chillida's work as a draftsman and printmaker remains underappreciated and not fully explored. This exhibition brings together more than 50 rarely seen works by the Spanish master dating from the late 1950s to the early 2000s. The works in this exhibition reveal Chillida as a radical inventor that used paper to explore the referential expression of his work, to reformulate the concept of collage, to expand the possibilities of printmaking, as well as to create unique tridimensional paper structures –his Gravitations.


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