Zoe Walsh

Wall Street International Magazine, October 27, 2018

Zeit Contemporary Art is pleased to present “Remote Light,” a selection of new work by Zoe Walsh, curated by Bianca Boragi. In this new series of vibrant paintings, Walsh employs a palette of cyan, magenta, and yellow glazes to sequentially build planar layers and depth.


Walsh’s work is an investigation of intermediality through hyper-vivid acrylic paintings in which refracted screens and translucent entities anchor each other to the space of the canvas. Immersive and unsettling, Remote Light connotes a sensual recollection of cinematic realities, like a memory, replayed and projected across the scrim of one’s closed eyes.


In this new body of work, Walsh uses silhouettes reproduced from still photographs taken on the set of Falcon Studios’ Ramcharger (1984). The photographs, held by the ONE Archives in Los Angeles, construct a fantasy of masculine mobility, encounter, and semi-public sex in an expansive desert landscape.


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