Zeit Contemporary Art Explores the Captivating Power of Nature in Art

Artfixdaily, April 28, 2021

Zeit Contemporary Art is pleased to present Seeing Nature, an online viewing room through July 15th, showcasing modern, postwar, and contemporary works related to being in, looking at, and interacting with nature. These artists represent their personal emotions and associations regarding the natural world; as revealed, the experience can result in a range of feelings, alternately joy, awe, wonder, peace, spiritual resonance, or even fear. As nature also invites introspection, many artists included use nature as a way to deepen into their subjective world. Also, in light of the current climate change crisis as well as cultural and geographical specificity, embracing representations of nature is a way of taking a political stand. As such, this exhibition aims to present a variety of mediums, from works on paper to photography, that are engaged with the experience of nature from Modernism to our contemporary world.


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