Interior Isolation: How Two Photographers Captured Their Experiences of Quarantine

Annabel Keenan, Cultbytes, November 2, 2020

Isolation, anxiety, and the shared sense of our shrinking physical spaces are just a few of many challenges presented by Covid-19 lockdowns. The art world, like all other sectors of society, has had to adapt to new realities and limitations. Access to art has shifted online and the production of art has evolved to better suit virtual platforms. As a part of this shift, artistic outputs have also changed to reflect a new, shared feeling of isolation. Inside for months, sometimes completely alone, everyone around the world has had to work through the anxiety and uncertainty of the last eight months. In Zeit Contemporary Art’s current virtual exhibition, “The World Within: Photography and Interiority,” two American photographers, Res and Bryson Rand, capture these feelings and offer emotional, thought-provoking windows into their highly personalized, but unexpectedly relatable, experiences of lockdown.


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