“Art and life –there is no separation between the two.”

Oscar Murillo (b. 1986, Valle del Cauca, Colombia) is known for his multidisciplinary, autobiographical work that reckons with important issues such globalization, identity, and community. His practice encompasses paintings, works on paper, sculptures, installations, actions, live events, collaborative projects, and videos. Murillo was born in Valle del Cauca, a small village in Colombia, before moving to London with his family at a young age, where he attended the University of Westminster and The Royal College of Art. His own transnationality is an important aspect of his work; in 2016, he flushed his British passport down the toilet as a spontaneous performance in conversation with the notion of privilege. Process is conceptually very important to Murillo; when working on his gestural abstract paintings, he places the canvases the floor of his studio in order to have them accrue the dust and debris of daily life, sometimes even walking on them and leaving footprints. Occasionally, he includes a scribbled word, such as “chorizo” or “yoga” in order to speak to displacement, emphasizing that the chosen word is always something that plays an important role in his own life. His most current long-term collaborative project, entitled Frequencies, involved sending raw canvases to children’s schools across the world in order to be placed on their desks, where they can use them as they chose before being exhibited, resulting in a global conversation.